Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin’ Monday – Train With Madonna!

Bring on a Hollywood-style disaster for the blockbuster film

This Thursday, Nicole will select 30 fitness and dance enthusiasts who will learn Madonna’s dance-inspired “Addicted to Sweat” training routine, and later that day will perform it with Madonna herself. For those Madonna fans who can’t sign up for the contest, there’s more Madame M on EPIX TV. The network is airing “Madonna: The MDNA Tour.” It’s an inside look at the singer’s recent tour. The documentary airs this Saturday. For more information, check out . — Terri MacLeod Copyright 2013 by NBC Universal, Inc .
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Hollywood “boiler room” sold $2 million in fake precious metals; two arrested

After making the investment with Midas Asset Exchange, investors typically received account statements showing the alleged purchase of metals. Investors claimed that Frade and Quinones led them to believe that the metals listed on the account statements would be stored for them in a vault or other safe place until such time as they desired to sell. The investigation revealed that only a small portion of investor money was used to trade possessory rights to precious metal inventory, and none of it was used to purchase or store the physical metals. Instead, the majority of the money obtained from investors is alleged to have been used to pay business expenses and for the personal benefit of Frade and Quinones.
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Madonna kicks off the MDNA North America Tour Opener in Philadelphia on August 28, 2012 -- Getty Images

This was thanks to a record 100 ” global promotional partners “, including Gillette, Lego, Walmart, Converse, Carl’s Jr burgers and Hershey’s Twizzlers. Even the US National Guard has chipped in with its ” Soldier of Steel ” recruitment campaign. Clearly, we’re headed for some dystopian sci-fi future where blockbusters will make a profit even if nobody goes to see them at all.
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