Student Loan Lawsuits

Its unclear how widespread such practices may be in federal student loans. Deanne Loonin, director of the National Consumer Law Centers student loan borrower assistance project, said problems similar to those that plague private student loans exist in the servicing of federal student loans, such as the processing of borrowers monthly payments and transfers among companies of the right to collect payments on those loans that often leave borrowers confused and lacking basic details. The Education Department requires servicers of federal loans to apply extra payments beyond the required monthly amounts to future see here installments, rather than allowing the money to pay down loan principal, unless the borrower requests otherwise.” The Education Department, which oversees federal student loan servicers, does not enforce federal consumer financial protection laws, Chopra said. And the CFPBs jurisdiction is limited. In many ways, their oversight over servicers in some ways is that of contractor and client, Chopra explained. So I think it’s very different, and that is part of the reason why there may be a gap in oversight. The Education Department has previously defended its oversight and the performance of its contracted loan servicers.

According to Lew, President Obama’s campaign to make college more affordable includes efforts to lower college costs, as well as encouraging institutions of higher learning to help students better understand options for paying for a college education, including student loans. The hope is that students will make more educated choices, which will help reduce their overall debt load. Chopra suggests that the securitization industry can be of assistance, particularly in the way they securitize student loans. Specifically, he would like to see the issue of wage garnishment go away. The problem of burdensome student loan debt isn’t going to be cured all at once, or by making a handful of specific changes. But putting the issue in the spotlight encourages discussion, and hopefully solutions.

As payments are remitted, the loans will have different balances and still have different interest rates. By paying the minimum amount due on each loan first, additional available monies can applied to the loan with the highest interest rate. Over the life of the loans, giving priority payment to the most expensive one will likely save thousands of dollars. Conversely, if a borrower can only afford a partial payment, speaking with the servicer before the payment due date can help avoid unnecessary late fees and penalties. Knowing the exact minimum amount and the interest owed on each loan can guide which loans can be paid and their corresponding amounts. Armed with this knowledge, it may also be possible to minimize delinquent fees or penalties.

25, Sallie Mae is conducting a sweepstakes for borrowers who have made six or more on-time loan payments. Such borrowers can enter It Pays to Repay on the loan servicers Facebook account for a chance to receive as much as $10,000 deposited into their student loan accounts. Borrowers earn extra entries by sharing a tip for repaying student loans and sharing the contest with friends. The vast majority of our customers make their student loan payments on time every month, and they have much to offer from their own experience, said Temeka Easter, Sallie Maes director of social media, in a news release about the contest. Sallie Mae will select one winner each week for four weeks, which could make a huge difference for four borrowers, as the average student debt load is about $27,000. Its exciting for Sallie Mae borrowers in repayment, especially if any of them had gotten excited about a Sallie Mae repayment scam on Instagram a few weeks ago.

These entities purchase student loans from the original lenders and attempt to collect them from the borrowers. These private student loans were used by students to assist in financing the cost of their education in attending undergraduate, law school, business school, medical school, dental school, and other graduate programs. Both National Collegiate Student Loan Trust and SLM Private Credit Student Loan Trust are Student Loan Asset-Backed Security (or, as theyre known in the industry, SLABS). SLABS were invented by then-semi-public Sallie Mae in the early 90s, and their trading grew as part of the larger asset-backed security wave that peaked in 2007. Simply stated, these student loans are bundled and sold as investments to the general public as a safe investment. In order to obtain a judgment against the consumer/borrower on a defaulted student loan, the plaintiff must prove ownership of the loan.


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